xCally Motion

XCALLY is an innovative Omni Channel solution that integrates Asterisk™ with the Shuttle and Motion technologies, developed in the Xenialab Research Center. The solution is one of the best Contact Center Management platform for multichannel – voice, chat, email, SMS, fax and social channels through standard APIs. xCally can be deployed on-premise and also cloud-based catering to inbound, outbound and blended Call Centers of all sizes.

Primary Features:
Other Features:
Native Intergration

1XCALLY Motion offers the integration of a wide range of third party applications, which are obtained in several ways:

2Triggered and ready-to-use integration;

3Integration via external apps, which the customer can choose and install

4Integration as new Channel

5Integration as a new extension of XCALLY modules (e.g. Cally Square IVR, SMS and so forth)

6Examples: Zendesk, Salesforce, Desk.com, Freshdesk, Sugar CRM, vTiger, Zoho, Dynamics 365, Twilio, Oracle and other applications.

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High Lights

  • Available globally in 12 languages
  • Engage your customers with the XCALLY unique technology; open channel, real time, powerful, effective and totally integrated with Asterisk.
  • Manage your customer’s information and keep track of their interactions across multiple channels.
  • Develop your favorite custom channels (social networks, video etc.) in just few steps. Your Agents will then manage customer interactions inside a single omni-channel desktop interface.
  • Your agents can login to their queues, manage multiple status and perform different tasks, according to their assigned skills, using the Windows Motion phone bar.
  • Enjoy voice, SMS, web chat, email, fax and social channels on the same unified solution.
  • Use the Real-Time panels to monitor your agents’ performances and to make dynamic changes in cases of urgency.
  • Analyse data and performances through our ready-to-use reports or build your own reports tailored to your business goals.
  • Every Contact Centre is unique: build your own custom dashboards to monitor and improve its performance.
  • Make things automatically happen according to previously defined timing and actions.

XCALLY is the solution for all Call Centers around the world, developed from a passionate and professional team, with specific experience and certifications on Asterisk™ and ITIL processes, for the management of customer care. The product has gained international recognition, it has been analysed as a case of success from UCLA (California) and it is now used in Contact Centers of all sizes, who are looking for the flexibility provided by the latest versions of Asterisk™, combined with a professional user experience for operators, specific Web GUI for the management of multi-queue inbound and outbound processes, and off-line / real-time advanced reporting tools.

In today’s remote world, customers require businesses to be efficient and attend to queries without jumping through hoops or waiting for too long to be attended. We take away the endless questions you get asked when you contact a contact centre, such as your email address or having to confirm your telephone number. 

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