Workforce Management – maximise your Omni-Channel performance

As has been effectively determined, agents are your organisation and their productivity will directly impact the customer experience (CX) you deliver. With CX being the biggest driver of the 21 century, it is essential to start with an engaged workforce that can carry your organisation’s banner.

When it comes to creating a strong, engaged workforce, many different components need to fit together coherently to realise a workforce that is both efficient and effective. One major benefit of enabling this is happy agents as well as happy customers.

Major uses for Workforce Management within your Omni-Channel Contact Centre include simplifying and automating processes of staffing and scheduling. This will assist your supervisors and team leads with resource planning, thereby enabling them to spend less time struggling with technology, and more time getting results. Another notable benefit is that Workforce Management tools help management anticipate customer demand, therefore plan more effectively with accurate, Omni-Channel forecasts based on historical and real-time data.

A big irritation for most Contact Centre software administrators is the constant schedule changes that are forever dynamic. A compatible Workforce Management software can support flexible working arrangements with customisable shift templates and break rules.

How does Workforce Management improve customer experience?

When management has a full view of which areas are lacking in the workforce, they are able to re-shuffle their resources accordingly, which in turn ensures customers are answered and assisted timeously. Efficiency is the biggest result of a properly implemented Workforce Management system.

The results of accurate planning based on real-time agent information can instantly change your Contact Centre efficiency, resulting in good customer experience. Accurate planning allows for workload to be distributed to the most appropriate, skilled and available agents, resulting in faster and more productive resolutions.

How does Workforce Management reduce agent turnover?

Forecasting and scheduling are key components in Workforce Management. As a result, the way your schedules are set up can affect overall performance in your Contact Centre as well as agent satisfaction.

In most Contact Centres, the handling of different communication channels often requires different skills, and agent capabilities. As a result, Workforce Management tools assist by identifying which agents work best in which channel and staff them accordingly. Another notable benefit is that the reduction of mis-routed interactions also relieves stress for your agents. Agents demand flexible schedules, meaningful tasks and remote working opportunities. You will lose talented agents if you cannot accommodate their needs.

In essence, Workforce Management can be defined as an organisational discipline that helps companies maximise performance and operational efficiency. In Contact Centres, it is also viewed as an agent productivity tool which plays a major role in improving both agent and customer satisfaction.

The main premise of WFM is to have the right amount of people at the right time and place to provide timely customer service in the best possible way. That’s why demand-based planning is essential. It allows Contact Centres to predict future workload in order to create optimised schedules that help minimise over- and under-staffing.

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