Assist your consumer before they arrive at your door.

With features like our store location and automated self-service, our Omnichannel Solutions can help your retail chain provide exceptional post-sale customer service and support your consumers before they even enter your store.

Store Locator

Enable your consumers to get automated geo-located results showing their local shop by simply asking a simple query in a conversation.

24×7 automated service

Use our self-service AI and chatbots to answer customers' questions even when your stores and customer care teams are closed.

Connect to your POS

Automatically load your customer information from your POS or loyalty database to provide context for each customer conversation.

Build mailing lists

Prompt your consumers to join your mailing lists to help you remarket your services in the future.


Our Omnichannel Solutions web-based platform makes it easy for your contact centre. It empowers your store employees to look up customer details and engage in proactive conversation not just on the phone – but across all your social media channels, WhatsApp, email and more.

Start with a QR code, end with a subscriber.

Advertise a QR code at your shop or restaurant to start a live chat or a WhatsApp conversation – to provide a menu, special offers, more product information and more. By doing so, you can gain the customer’s contact information and then gain consent to reach out with further marketing or special offers.

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In today’s remote world, customers require businesses to be efficient and attend to queries without jumping through hoops or waiting for too long to be attended. We take away the endless questions you get asked when you contact a contact centre, such as your email address or having to confirm your telephone number. 

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