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African Country Availability

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The InterAfrica Offering

InterAfrica VoIP Termination gives you the ability to terminate a local number (DDI) from the offered country directly to your company in South Africa. Weather you have a local branch in these countries or want to offer services to the local population we have the ability to bring these calls direct to your IP PBX or Contact Center in South Africa. Charged as a flat fee with no per call costs it is the ideal solution to expand your interests into African countries other than South Africa.

Coligo Group - technology contact centre

Frequently Asked Questions

A: No, the locals will be charged their usual local rates when making calls to the call center. The advertised number in that country will be a local number and customers will pay the local rates.

A: Yes, your organisation will be charged at a flat rate per-month based on the number of calls that happen at the same time in your call center.

A: No, we will be constantly updating the page with more countries as we increase our coverage.

In today’s remote world, customers require businesses to be efficient and attend to queries without jumping through hoops or waiting for too long to be attended. We take away the endless questions you get asked when you contact a contact centre, such as your email address or having to confirm your telephone number. 

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