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Businesses, whether big or small, are increasingly turning to personalised customer service to retain, gain and build a customer base. Customers today have more choice and information than ever, and do not hesitate to move to a company that offers prompt and lucid solutions to customer questions, addresses complaints, and engages honestly at a personal level. In such circumstances, personalised customer service is could make or break a competitive advantage.

Strategy is key when it comes to personalising customer services.

Here are some helpful ways businesses could use to personalise customer service, especially now during this global pandemic:


The first thing to understand is the need to develop a comprehensive communications strategy. Personalisation should be implemented across all the channels and functions of an organisation. This means that emails should be addressed with the name of the customer, responses to complaints have the problem as the message, and customer care centre agents get as much information as possible before he/she makes a call.


Mentioning the name of the customer is a great way to start a conversation. Instead of saying “Dear Customer” or asking for the customer name at the beginning of a conversation, it helps greatly to find and mention as much you know about the customer. “Dear Ms Julia” is far better than “Dear Customer”.

This practice not only gains the customer’s attention but also begins a dialogue and a relationship. On being happy, customers at times request conversations to be more informal and ask to drop their surnames…this is a great start. To highlight that you respect the customers’ individuality is also a great way to show that the email/call is not spam and that you are not averse to put in effort in knowing the customer thereby proving that you are keen and capable of solving his/her problems or provide stellar customer service.

The right technology can work in your favour.


Worried about the effort? Technology can help in making it more manageable. Firstly, it can help by providing you with essential information such as name, age, gender, occupation, etc.; second, by customising calls, emails and other communications.

Ask your web admin if you have not done until now. You may be in for a bouquet of surprises in ways and means to personalise customer service.

Similarly, using an automated database could fetch important information, such as name, gender, age, location, occupation, etc. to the contact centre agent, which could be invaluable in understanding the customer and helping him/her solve problems.


In close relationships, do you always wait for your friends and family to call you or for some exciting news to break? No! Similarly, it is a great idea to track customer events and contact them whenever possible. For example, wishing a customer on his/her birthday through emails, SMS, or a call could forge relationships.

Similarly, a surprise gift or a voucher for loyal customers could mean much more than reward points. There are usually valid reasons to contact a customer, but several companies that practice reactive customer service often ignore this.

Did you know that some companies miss the chance to thank the customer for their first association and seek feedback? It is the case with various mentions in social media and the Internet. It is essential to use social media as a listening medium and contact your customer with solutions, suggestions, or encouragement.


Adopting proactive customer service over the conventional reactive customer service provides more opportunities to contact your customer and with better results. This is a boon for those customers who face recurring problems and are distressed with repetitive challenges in using your product or service.

Calling such customers for feedback or for checking the progress assures the customer that they are being served by a concerned company and will stick with you for a long time. Use such troubleshooting data and experience to update your company FAQs frequently, and you could use customer feedback as testimonials in the section. This will spur others to participate and know that your customer service is involved with your problem-solving process long after it has been resolved.

Miscommunication can cause you to lose your best clients.


In today’s highly connected world, every customer interaction matters. And the only thing worse than bad customer service is probably miscommunication or a mix-up. It is irritating and unprofessional for more than one agent to call the same customer without any continuity. This results in the customer getting frustrated with answering the same questions every time.

To avoid this, it is essential to make notes on each customer. Every single communication with the customer, including emails, phone calls, postal correspondence, or online chat, must be recorded and stored in a central location that is easily accessible to all contact centre

agents. This will help you avoid miscommunication, reduce the time required to solve customer problems, and also build a healthy and respectful relationship with each customer.

There are vast software products available for your teams from Coligo Group such as the xCally Motion, QContact and C-Perform that helps your teams with performance management.

Communication is a crucial component that fuels relationships. Make sure it is always ongoing; develop customer profiles to help you understand and keep connections alive and personalised. Make sure that the profile is updated and your customer service department keeps on learning about and from the customer. Taking the help of an experienced customer care contact centre outsourcing services provider would undoubtedly help you attain your customer service goals faster.

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