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Learn more about our Coligo Team and how we started our journeys in the industry.
Douglas reid
Douglas Reid
Executive Director

Doug Reid, the co-founding member of ScopServ Integrated Services and the Coligo Group.  Driving a team of professional technical engineers & software developers to produce best of breed communication products.

Working in Information Technology (IT) since 2001 where Doug co-founded a networking and desktop support company, progressing in 2003 to the formation of an open-source telecoms solution provider. Doug sourced and introduced the ScopServ VoIP based product range to the South African market and has since contributed to the technical development and growth of this world-class brand as seen today. With extensive skill and experience in the emerging unified communication industry and a broad knowledge of information technology, he holds an Executive Directorship at ScopServ Integrated Services and directs the technical and development roadmap.

Doug is obsessive from technical and development perspective, Doug was the core driving factor for the founding, growth and success of the ScopServ Integrated Services range of products in South Africa to an end that our distribution company IP Telesys was offered a partnership and brand transfer from ScopServ International.  We are now proudly referred to as ScopServ South Africa and currently assist with new product design and development for the international group.

Doug is driven with a great all round knowledge of ICT and BPM based technology , focused on communication products and solutions which puts him in the perfect position to consult and advise on leading edge technology solutions in these areas. He has a passion for designing and implementing new and unique products and solutions that focus on cost saving and the use of new technologies to provide users with an edge in their markets.

16 years’ experience with PC networking and ISP offerings to compliment a 13 year experience with SIP and VoIP products and 11 years of technical exposure to ScopServ products he has been a valuable contributor to the development and growth of the ScopServ range of communication offerings in South Africa and abroad. In all aspects of his career he has lead and built telecoms based companies that have had many years of success the South African market. As CTO for ScopServ South Africa his responsibilities include driving a team of professional technical engineers and software developers to produce best of breed communication products for the ScopServ International brand with a passion for niche product conception and development.

Janet Souter
Janet Stouter
Executive Director

Janet Souter, the co-founder of ScopServ Integrated Services and Coligo Group.  She is passionate about taking Call Centres into true Omni-channel Contact Centres, incorporating CRM, Ticketing, Workflow Management even social media tracking.

Janet’s vast work experience in large technology distributors and internet service providers (ISP’s), her skill in sales and marketing was proven to be a great asset in the growth of the ScopServ brand in South Africa and many more brands that have been added as the years have taken them to 18 year of Distribution.  She has spearheaded the brand awareness and creation of a reseller channel for the ScopServ, XCally, Omnichannel, Bria, C-Perform, Visitor Managing systems, VOiP, ScopTEAMS and been responsible for the great success of the product range in both corporate and government organisations.  Her sales and marketing skill, coupled with her unique business networking ability suites my title as Executive Director at ScopServ Integrated Services, where she directs the sales and marketing road-map.

Her passion is to take “nothing “and build something, coupled with encouraging new entrepreneurs growing their business’.  Her unique skills that add value to the busines is Sales Management, Channel Partner Development, Negation skills, strategic partnering, new business start ups and strategic planning thereof, management and developing people, marketing, branding, planning, launches, business development, client relations and development, strategic planning and forecasting, tur around strategies, project management, business management, investment negotiations, operations management, and financial management.

In today’s remote world, customers require businesses to be efficient and attend to queries without jumping through hoops or waiting for too long to be attended. We take away the endless questions you get asked when you contact a contact centre, such as your email address or having to confirm your telephone number. 

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