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By now, most of us have discovered that Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a major role in improving daily tasks and getting the job done. However, that is not where it all ends. AI can also be used as a tool for an effective and convenient customer experience.

Imagine you have a problem with a company’s product, and you call their support centre. While you may be looking to speak with a human, you may interact with a computer initially as an initial step towards solving your problem. In my personal experience, businesses that use AI effectively progress a lot quicker than those that don’t, and they have a high customer retention rate.

AI is there to understand and correctly understand customers and ensure that consultants give customers exactly what they need.

Now, how can AI be used as a customer experience tool?

There are the top 5 strategies that I think could work best in the call centre and customer support services:

1. Self-service Optimization

Customers in 2019 now prefer to resolve their own issues and self-service knowledgebase and chatbots are popular tools to empower customers.

The power of AI provides efficiency gain over rules-driven chatbots or keyword-based (KB) searches. Gradually the results are perfected as more data is fed into the system. While call centre agents have limited bandwidth, these tools can scale and provide 24×7 customer support and save costs through call deflection.

2. Virtual Assistance for Automated Customer Services

Virtual assistants are now common in customer service. Also called bots, chatbots, or digital assistants, they interact directly with customers to provide information, process support inquiries, or solve simple problems.

Virtual assistants vary in technical complexity, ranging from being simple scripted experiences to leveraging state-of-the-art natural language processing (NLP) and understanding (NLU) techniques. However, even the best bots on the market can’t handle every potential customer request, especially if the request is complex.

3. Predictive analytics

AI-driven predictive analytics generates insights into customers’ future behaviour based on their past behaviour and use of the business’s products/services.

Machine learning algorithms, paired with statistical techniques, make assumptions from historical transactions. Any potential threat can be identified in a customer’s journey from the past buying patterns or anomaly detection techniques. In this way, organizations can act on information ahead of time.

4. Automated Routing for Streamlined Issue Handling

AI-powered solutions can catalogue customer intent, such as trying to get more information about an item, requesting a refund, or updating a delivery address, and route them to the right recipient in much less time than humans could.

5. 24 x 7 Customer Support

If you wish to provide long term customer support by helping out your consumers anytime and anywhere then you need to know the importance of Chatbots in your business.

Chatbots are used to address basic customer needs like solving queries and providing efficient customer service. It also helps to streamline and manage the sudden rush of traffic on your website for solving more complex problems anytime.

Artificial Intelligence with Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning helps to automate the services for customers through voice assistants who do not prefer to interact with support agents or chatbots.

All in all, in conclusion — we can say that AI increases productivity. We can say that the evolution of AI presents endless opportunities for combining customer data in order to create a sophisticated customer journey analytics by simplifying customer interactions, deliver meaningful messages to enhance customer engagement and experience.

Artificial Intelligence is said to stay here as its future possibilities are highly in demand because businesses are getting to know the importance of AI-driven tools to deliver a high-impact customer experience.

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